Brabble FAQs
Why doesn't Brabble know names?
The inclusion of names, such as city names, mountain peaks, rivers, etc. would be boundless. Where should the line be drawn? Therefore, we decided: No names.

Unknown words
Because we are humans, we make errors. Yes, certainly we have forgotten some words. But since new words are formed all the time, it is almost impossible to identify all the words correctly.
On the other hand: Brabble has a very large library of over 80,000 words and makes, in our opinion, a pretty good job in recognizing words. We tried our best to make Brabble as intelligent as possible. If you think that a word should be included in Brabble, send us an email. With each new release, we will update the library.

Words that don't exist
If you're thinking that Brabble accepts words that it shouldn't, go to the following link:

and check your word. You will see in which Scrabble dictionaries the word exists and you will receive a definition of the word. Every word included in Brabble should a least exist in two scrabble dictionaries. If this is not the case send us a mail and we will exclude the "word" in the next release.

Is there a tutorial to Brabbel?
There is a YouTube video that shows, in two minutes, how Brabble is played. The video can be found via the following link:

Is there a solution for every level?
Sure there is a solution for every level, in fact there are a lot of different solutions for every level. Brabble accepts many solutions under two conditions:
a) All letters must be revealed.
b) All words must be part of the library of Brabbel.

Why can sometimes letters be docked together and sometimes not?
Only when a word is formed by the sequence of letters or when the letters form at least a word beginning of an English word, do the letters dock at the end of a line. If this is not the case or the maximum word length of eight characters is exceeded, the letter skips back into its old place.